Becoming a star broker seminar

Becoming a star broker seminar

The Association of Real Estate Agents – Uganda (AREA-Uganda) is an umbrella organization that brings together real estate agents and other interested groups. AREA-Uganda’s mandate includes professionalizing the real estate sector through their training arm, the Real Estate Institute of  East Africa (REIEA).

The association accomplishes this in part by providing training to real estate brokers. It is a well-known truth that the majority of Real Estate Brokers in Uganda are unlicensed and have little or no education in the industry, despite the fact that they are one of the key drivers of the industry.

The main goal of this training program is to provide these brokers with the required skills for professional Real Estate business and to ensure that they not only earn higher and more sustainable incomes from brokerage but also do so legally, efficiently with mutual fairness to both buyers and sellers.

In the last year the association with support from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung has so far trained about 200 brokers. The topics covered during the training are Real Estate Business Management, the selling process, legal and ethical issues in the Real Estate business. In this the importance of formalizing businesses and ethical practices are emphasized.

The facilitators in the Become a Star broker training assist the participants in creating favorable circumstances that will boost the success and effectiveness of their sales career, allowing them to make more money.

The trainers show brokers how to run a profitable real estate business and leverage their current talents, experience, and expertise to build a lucrative real estate career that pays millions of shillings each year. Become a Star broker training is a guide for real estate brokers who are ready to make the money and thrive in the sector.

These brokers are eventually organized into chapters, which are the smallest units of the AREA-Uganda, at the completion of the training process.

Ms. Victoria Nanozi, the Chief Executive Officer at AREA-Uganda, thanked the facilitators and encouraged the brokers to attend the training and benefit from the trainers’ wealth of knowledge. We are pleased that the number of people signing up for these training is increasing, and we anticipate a larger turnout at future training, she said.

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