REC Housing Limited is Survey and Real estate firm specializing in Cadastral, Topographical, Hydrographical, Engineering, Data analysis, Route surveys, Map production, Land Information System (LIS), Rural and Urban Planning, Resource Surveys, setting out construction works, Environmental Planning and also under takes consultancy in all the related of Land surveying services.
1. Land Surveying (Main Activity)
  • Cadastral (property) surveying
  • Topo graphical (Terrain) surveying
  • Mapping (maps pollution) surveying
  • Geodetic Surveying and other forms of surveying
2. Environmental Planning and Advice
  • Environmental impact
  • Assessment and Studies
  • Community Advisory Services on Environment and nature
3. Land Registration Services
  • Advice and other services on land registration, titling and mortgage management.
  • Encouragement of clients to register land for purposes of security with banks, other institutions.
4. Land Administration Services
  • Advising and grinding our clients and the community on land Administration institutions and methods.
  • Educating clients on land tenure and legislations
  • Physical planning services
  • Computing detailed layouts designed for roads, plots for urban and rural development
  • Providing cartographic planning and architectural services and advice.
5. Design Services
  • Road Designs
  • Bridges Designs
  • Boundary Designs
  • Plots Designs
Land Surveyors
Urban Planning